Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE service termination!

Really Bad News No More Yu-Gi-Oh Online 4 It’s All Over. I hope It’s April Day Joke but it’s not.

Here Full Detail From Official Site.

Note : Right Now My Blog Duelevolution.info was terminate because of phising which I didn’t do (Reason: terms of service violation – phishing.) Someone might hacking it or is it because of Some Template File I upload that got infected by Some Virus? but I didn’t do anything with my site since February 2012 I don’t know which file was infected.

I will try to get it back even though I don’t know what to do with it After I get it back.

Dear fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE,

Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE DUEL ACCELERATOR is an online game for PC which allows players from all over the world to compete in online duels following the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s OCG that thanks to all of you reached world wide popularity.

Though the Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE adventure started in 2005 and it was enjoyed by so many worldwide, unfortunately this adventure must come to an end. Due to internal decisions Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE DUEL ACCELERATOR will go offline on 09/30/2012 17:00 Pacific Standard Time .

You may find a detailed schedule for the next 6 months and a basic FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Our heartfelt gratitude go out to all the dedicated and loyal duelists all over the world who have shared their passion with us, contributed to build this service and all those who have participated. We hope that you enjoyed your duels and trades and look forward to having you compete against friends worldwide with the next great Konami game.

We’re commited to supporting service until the very last day.
Please excuse the inconveniences.

***What to Do After This… (I think Every Yu-Gi-OH Online Fan Site will Terminate itself because no Yu-Gi-Oh Online Anymore).

As For Me What to do with Duelevolution.info I don’t know either but What to do with this site I know it I will turn it into Full Yu-Gi-Oh Video Site Which Gather Good and Interesting Yu-Gi-Oh Combo here not just Yu-Gi-Oh Online (Because It have no Future).

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22 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE service termination!”

  1. Mai Valentine Says:


    RIP Yugioh Online (2005-2012)


  2. KevinValia Says:


    7 Year , It's Very Fun Game.


  3. Greg Says:

    Damm i spend over 1200 $ in this online game


  4. portugal Says:

    keep this for future memories


  5. MarioFurioss Says:

    =((( i like this game, and my accounts x_x


  6. MarioFurioss Says:

    and i love this page for videos, and yoc videos T_T


  7. Al Says:

    thats really disapointing i`ve been playing ygo since may 2005 my card collection is over 98% i spent too much time and mony on this game and now they are simply shutting it down they should atleast keep it running as it is without any events or new cards


  8. Jeft Says:

    aww 🙁 this really does breaks my heart..


  9. abercrombie milano Says:

    Per sapere esattamente su questo argomento buono, si acquista in anticipo saggio scritto o scrittura personalizzata al servizio saggistica. I numeri dei servizi di scrittura offrono la saggistica su questo argomento buono.


  10. tanjo Says:

    please i need someone’s account.. i want to feel dueling having a strong monsters… T.T


    • Cibin Says:

      Actually, this is not a place where you can ask people’s accounts. If you want to ask for someone’s, try hacking someone’s account.


  11. (>^_^)># Says:

    probably the 2nd best place is ygopro since it is very similar to tag force. please consider it cuz i love a lot of your “styles” since it gives me so many ideas on the game 🙂


  12. wawa Says:

    aku cinta game ini…. dan aku selalu menonton filmnx mulai dari aku sd…. tapi kenapa game ini harus di akhiri


  13. SunnySunny Says:

    Is there any news about YUGIOH ONLINE 4 in next year ?


  14. Cibin Says:

    Guys, it looks like the official website is gone. Also im bored with fanmade yugioh online games. So i’d rather stick to what i have right now.


  15. Kazzzydude Says:

    Dont give up hopw yet guys. Remember it says ” and look forward to having you compete against friends worldwide with the next great Konami game.” so as u can see there is still a chance that yugioh online 4 will come out in 2013.


  16. Anonymous Says:

    I really miss this game. Please Konami I beg you to make yugioh online 4. Please I am sad that yugioh online 3 got shut down. I cry everyday and I am sad and miss my character in yugioh online 3


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Please make yugioh online 4. I have nothing to play anymore. Can someone make a private server of yugioh online 3. Please.


    • Stefan Says:

      You can play YGOpro, its automatic, like YGO3… You have a few sites where you can register, Im using Chaos Era Academy, download the game, its updating automatically. When you are registered when you duel your score is on that site. Its simple. Call your friends and Enjoy. But everything would be better if all the YGOpro sites unite, so, it could be like YGO3, only you play for free. >.<


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Ygopro is a ripoff of ygo3. Dueling network is stupid because it is full of noob and cheater. Yugoh bam and yugioh duel arena is a rip off of ygo3 too. I want yugioh online 3 back. Why cant konami shut down duelingnetwork duel arena bam ygopro devpro and bring back ygo3 why cant someone make a ygo4 or a ygo3 private server


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone make a yugioh online 3 private server. Or tell Konami to bring back yugioh online 3 or tell Konami to make Yugioh Online 4 similar to Yugioh Online 3 but add more npc more events more character creation, it should be a free to play game.
    Also the cards decks should be free lol. Also Have the fall winter spring summer tournament still so each season is like 3or4 months or less than that whatever, the yugioh online championship should be everyday lol. Who agrees reply and tell duellogs to come back lol.


  20. Tower1 Says:

    I agree. Yugioh online was not just a game, it was a way of life. It was really disrespectful to delete this game for people who had spent years playing.


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