YOC Summer 2010 Preliminary Round 8

Eighth Preliminary Round from Yu-Gi-OH Online Championship Summer 2010.

It’s a duel from YOC Qualifier nani72 in YOC Summer 2010 Preliminary Round 8 From The First Duel til the Last duel.

Video 1 = Duel 1, 3,5 and 6 (2nd and 4th duel isn’t available for watching) – Lightlord VS Undine Emperer/Lightlord VS D.D. Gladiator Beast/Gladiator Cat VS Anti-Meta/Synchro Cat VS Permission (Maybe It’s Skill Drain Permission because he put Dark Hero – Zombyre and Giant Orc in his deck but Skill Drain never shown up in his duel).

Video 2 = Duel 7-9 – Tele Dark Armed VS Apprentice Emperor/Gladiator Beast VS Lightlord/Gladiator Cat VS Skill Hero Beat.

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D0C4R1Ruh4

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3V2sZQcRKU

Source : http://zoome.jp/mosamossari/diary/24

Source : http://zoome.jp/mosamossari/diary/23

Source : http://zoome.jp/mosamossari/diary/22

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard to negate the Special Summon of 1 of your opponent monsters, and destroy it.


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