Venom Burn From Nico Video

First Part of this video is LV3 OTK using Enchanting Fitting Room and Special Summon 4 LV3 1,700 ATK Monsters.

Second Part is Burn Deck using Ojama Trio with Venom Swamp (3 Venom Counter or more for each End Phase) and finish with Venom Burn, 2nd Video is Yubel Deck using Venom Burn.

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Pay 800 Life Points. Pick up 4 cards from the top of your Deck and Special Summon to your side of the field all Level 3 or lower Normal Monsters among the picked-up cards. Return all the other picked-up cards to your Deck and the Deck is then shuffled.

Monsters lose 500 ATK for each Venom Counter on them. Destroy a monster if its ATK becomes 0 by this effect. During each player’s End Phase, place 1 Venom Counter on each face-up monster, except “Venom” monsters.

Select 1 monster with a Venom Counter(s). Remove all Venom Counters from that card, and inflict 700 damage to your opponent for each Venom Counter removed.


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