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Illusions Worm OTK From Youtube

July 7, 2010


OTK Deck using Summoner of Illusions with Worm Barses to special summon High LV Fusion monster to OTK opponent.

It’s a same concept with FTK Deck Destruction and Metamorpot Worm Barses Deck but it’s not Deck Destruction deck It using Metamorpot to get a require cards to OTK opponent.

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Metamorpot Worm Barses Deck From Nico Video

July 6, 2010


A Deck Destruction OTK using Metamorph Pot (Morphing Jar) and a lot of cards to flip it face-down and face-up multiple times to destroy opponent deck.

Worm Barses can be use as a substitute of Book of Sun (Book of Taiyou).

A Same Concept with FTK Deck Destruction but different Play Style and using New Cards.

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