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YOC Winter 2012 Preliminary Round 9

February 12, 2012


9th Preliminary Round From Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship Winter 2012.

This is Qualifier (LIGHTNINGSNOW) Duels from Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship Winter 2012 Preliminary Round 9 (First Duel til The Last Duel).

Duel 1-9 – Fish Synchro VS Merchant Emperor, Machiner Gadget VS Debris Hero, Agent Angel VS Gladial Beast, Agent Angel VS Ritual Agent Angel, Chaos Hero Beat VS Machiner Gadget, High Beat VS D.D. Deck, Dragunity VS Merchant Emperor, Light Dual VS Permission, Hero Beat VS Metamor Exodia.

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FTK/OTK Dragon Exodia

September 27, 2011


Exodia Deck without Royal Magical Library using Super-Rejuvenation to draw a lot of cards.

Another 2 of Dragon Exodia Deck are Frog Dragon Exodia and Library Dragon Exodia.

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Gusta FTK/OTK From Youtube

July 21, 2011


Gusta (Gusto) FTK/OTK Deck using a Loop from Calm, Silent Gusta (Caam, Serenity of Gusto) and Mental Master (Mind Master) to draw a lot of cards.

First Duel is Gusta Exodia, Second Duel is Gusta Tempest Magician.

Actually it can OTK in Various ways because it can draw a cards til your deck run out.

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Genex Solid Exodia From Nico Video

May 6, 2011


A Fast Exodia deck using Ally Genex Solid (Genex Ally Solid) to draw a lot of cards by using DNA Transplant to change the Attribute of all face-up monsters to Water.

After that Genex Solid can tribute itself to draw 2 cards. It can special summon itself with Machine Duplication and Inferno Reckless Summon and can revive with Symbol of Heritage/Limit Rebirth (Limit Reverse), Angel Lift (Graceful Revival) to draw a lot of cards.

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Library Exodia V2

December 31, 2010


Library Exodia FTK and OTK using current Ban List (1 Trade-In). It’s Citadel Exodia. You can see version 1 at Library Exodia Style.

Note : Library Exodia is The Most Popular Exodia deck in Yu-Gi-OH Online.

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Tethys Exodia Style

March 4, 2010


A Fast Exodia Deck using Tethys effect with a lot of draw cards to get exodia parts. It can do First Turn Kill If you can draw Tethys and Valhalla + some draw cards.

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Frog Exodia

February 14, 2010


A Fast Exodia deck using DNA Surgery to change all of monsters on the field to Dragon type and use Irekaeru (Substitoad) to tribtute another monster to special Frog Monster and repeat again for many times then use Super Rejuvenation to draw a lot of cards equal to frog monsters you tribute with Irekaeru effect.

Last 2 Videos isn’t a DNA Surgery type only using Irekaeru effect to make a thin deck for easily drawing Exodia Parts.

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