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YOC Summer 2010 Preliminary Round 5

August 14, 2010


Fifth Preliminary Round from Yu-Gi-OH Online Championship Summer 2010.

It’s a duel from YOC Qualifier YuiYuiMANIAC in YOC Summer 2010 Preliminary Round 5 From The First Duel til the Last duel.

Video 1 = Duel 1-3 – Gladiator Beast VS Synchro Lightlord/Synchro Lightlord VS Gladiator Cat/Gladiator Cat VS Gladiator Beast.

Video 2 = Duel 4-5 – Chain Burn VS Skill Hero Beat/Oppression Gadget VS Synchro Cat.

Video 3 = Duel 6-8 – Skill Hero Beat VS Chain Burn/Gladiator Cat VS Gladiator Cat/Gladiator Cat VS Gladiator Cat.

Video 4 = Duel 9 (Last Duel) – Gladiator Cat VS Gladiator Cat.

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Skill Drain Style

November 26, 2009


Various Deck using Skill Drain but The Most Popular Skill Drain Style in Yu-Gi-OH Online is Skill Hero Beat using E-Hero with Honest and Skill Drain. You can find a lot of this style on YOC.

1st Video is Prisma Skill Drain using Prisma to sent Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard and use Birthright to revive it for attack.

2nd Video is Skill Drain Deck using Barbaros and High LV Monsters with Berserk Dragon, 3rd Video is Barbaros UR Deck.

Video 4-9 is Skill Hero Beat You can found more at YOC Category.

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