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Giga Dogra Reversal From Dailymotion

August 20, 2010


A Combo using Magical Merchant to sent Giga Plant to the graveyard and using Swing of Memories to special summon Giga Plant.

Normal summon it and use it’s effect to special summon Gale Dogra from the graveyard and Paying a lot of LP for Reversal Quiz.

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Six Samurai Reversal From Zoome

July 8, 2010


Reversal Quiz OTK Deck using Ultimate Last Stand (Backs to the Wall) to pay a lot of LP and use Reversal Quiz with Volcanic Buckshot (Volcanic Scattershot) also using Zombie Carrier to be able to choose a right type of top deck card.

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Psychic Reversal Quiz FTK/OTK

June 25, 2010

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FTK/OTK Reversal Quiz deck using Mental Master (Mind Master) to reduce your own LP and reduce monster cards in Deck to get more chance to pick spell card by Reversal Quiz effect.

Second Video is Psychic Reversal Quiz FTK/OTK deck using Telekinetic Collector (Telekinetic Power Well) to pay LP and special summon LV1 or 2 Psychic Monsters for tritute with Mental Master effect.

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Reversal Quiz OTK

December 25, 2008


This is an old videos using Reversal Quiz that can do First Turn Kill by using Poison of The Old Man and choose 2nd effect (increase LP 1,200) and activate Gale Dogra effect 3 times. After that Set Black Pendant or Fuhma Shuriken and use Reversal Quiz and you win.

Quiz OTK Deck is Very Popular in YU-GI-Oh Online Meta. This is why Konami decided to Ban it, Now It’s Banned

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