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Gusta FTK/OTK From Youtube

July 21, 2011


Gusta (Gusto) FTK/OTK Deck using a Loop from Calm, Silent Gusta (Caam, Serenity of Gusto) and Mental Master (Mind Master) to draw a lot of cards.

First Duel is Gusta Exodia, Second Duel is Gusta Tempest Magician.

Actually it can OTK in Various ways because it can draw a cards til your deck run out.

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Psychic Reversal Quiz FTK/OTK

June 25, 2010

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FTK/OTK Reversal Quiz deck using Mental Master (Mind Master) to reduce your own LP and reduce monster cards in Deck to get more chance to pick spell card by Reversal Quiz effect.

Second Video is Psychic Reversal Quiz FTK/OTK deck using Telekinetic Collector (Telekinetic Power Well) to pay LP and special summon LV1 or 2 Psychic Monsters for tritute with Mental Master effect.

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