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Frog Synchro Style

January 3, 2011


Frog Synchro Deck using Irekaeru (Substitoad) effect to special summon frog monster for synchro summon.

Substitoad was banned in real life but It’s limited in Yu-Gi-OH Online.

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Frog Emperor From Youtube

August 25, 2010


Frog Emperor (Monarch) deck using Irekaeru (Substitoad) to special summon a lot of frog monsters and use it for tribute to summon Emperor (Monarch) monster or use it with Spiritual Water Art – Aoi.

This type of deck will try to control opponent hand by using Spiritual Water Art – Aoi with Mind Crush+Flipped Frog (Flip Flop Frog) and prevent opponent from attack by having 2 Malenlightened Frog (Dupe Frog) on the field.

This deck is very popular right now. You can see a lot of them at YOC Category.

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Life Equalizer OTK

August 8, 2010

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First and Fourth Video is Life Equalizer OTK/FTK deck using Royal Magical Library to draw and discard a lot of cards to the graveyard for an activation of Blasting The Ruins and Life Equalizer.

It’s a same style with Library Exodia, If you want to see another style of Life Equalizer watch it at Gale Dogra Blast OTK.

2nd Video is Simochi Burn OTK using Life Equalizer with Gift Card and Bad Reaction to Simochi.

Third Video is Frog Equalizer OTK using Irekaeru (Substitoad) to sent a lot of frog monters to the graveyard for activate Blasting The Ruins.

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Frog Exodia

February 14, 2010


A Fast Exodia deck using DNA Surgery to change all of monsters on the field to Dragon type and use Irekaeru (Substitoad) to tribtute another monster to special Frog Monster and repeat again for many times then use Super Rejuvenation to draw a lot of cards equal to frog monsters you tribute with Irekaeru effect.

Last 2 Videos isn’t a DNA Surgery type only using Irekaeru effect to make a thin deck for easily drawing Exodia Parts.

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Irekaeru OTK From Nico Video

January 9, 2010


An OTK using Irekaeru (Substitoad) effect to special summon Frog Monster from his deck and use Witch Doctor of Sparta to inflict damage to opponent for each time monster is special summong from a deck.

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Kaeru Deck

January 7, 2010


Kaeru mean frog in Japanese. This is a Collection of gameplay using Frog Deck.

First and Second Video is Frog OTK Deck using Death Frog with Death Chorus, 3rd Video Frog deck using Unifrog and Wetlands to power up frog monster and direct attack.

Last 2 Videos is Frog Arcana Force deck using Frog Deck for easily special summon Arcana Force EX Ligth/Dark Ruler.

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