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Reloader Permission

June 28, 2011


Infernity Control Deck using Infernity Reloader (Infernity Randomizer) to draw card while having no cards in hand and control the game by using a lot of trap cards.

Second Video also have Some of THis Deck Gameplay at The Last 2 Duel.

Note : Permission Deck is a Deck revolve Around a lot of Trap Cards to Control The Game.

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Quick Jashin From Nico Video

June 3, 2011


Zero Spell/Trap Quickdraw Dandy Warrior Deck aiming to Summon Devil Gods (Wicked Gods).

First Duel is Gallis The Star Beast OTK.

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Infernity Style

March 22, 2011


Infernity is The Deck that gain An Overwhelming Advantage When you doesn’t have card in hand and have Some of Them (Mostly Infernity Demon, Infernity Necromancer, Infernity Beetle/Infernity Revenger) in The Graveyard for Special Summon. It can OTK in Various way.

1st and 2nd Video are Infernity Deck Gameplay before Trishula and Hellway Patrol (Stygian Street Patrol) release.

Last Video (Infernity Style 3) is Infernity Deck When Trishula and Hellway Patrol (Stygian Street Patrol) release.

It contain a lot of Infernity Deck Gameplay, One of it also using Hundred Eyes Dragon effect Multiple Times to gain overwhelming Advantage and Also have Infernity Reloader (Infernity Randomizer) Permission Deck Duel in it.

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Drill Krus From Nico Video

February 27, 2011

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Demonic Roaring God (Fabled) Deck using Drill Warrior to sent and return Krus from the graveyard for sychro summon.

Krus will be use to recycle Kushano and use it’s own effect to special summon LV 1-4 fabled monsters for synchro summon.

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Demonic Roaring God (Fabled) Style

November 10, 2010

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Demonic Roaring God (Fabled) Deck gameplay include OTK Combo with Ancient Holy Wyvern (Ancient Sacred Wyvern).

Fabled Style 4 and 5 using Legion (Fabled Ragin) to draw cards for an advantage.

Fabled Style 4 Video have a lot of Duellogs of this deck gameplay from Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship.

Fabled Style 6 Also have New Fabled Deck base on Duel Terminal 7 Booster Pack.

7th Video (Fabled Shooting Star) is Fabled Deck base on Starstrike Blast Booster Pack.

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Synchro Dark World From Youtube

September 18, 2010

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Dark World Synchro deck using Fiend Roar Deity Raven (Fabled Raven) to special summon Dark World Monster and for synchro summon.

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Demise Geartown

March 31, 2010


Ritual Deck using Demise to destroy Geartown to Special Summon Gadjitron Dragon from Geartown effect.

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