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Deformer Style

August 15, 2010


Deformer (Morphtronic in english) deck gameplay.

If you want to play a full deformer deck you can buy a lot of Starterpass to get 2-3 Starter002 deck (Rua deck).

Note : You can get the same structure deck again from Starterpass but you can’t get the same structure deck from Duelpass/Boosterpass.

First video using Deformer Scopen for a fast Synchro Summon Power Tool Dragon to get a lot of Equip cards for advantage.

Second Video using Deformer Mobile Phone (Morphtronic Celfon) to swarm the field with a lot of Deformer Monsters.

There are 5 duel in second video and the last one is VS YOC Winner. It’s duel from Player Name pegarasu he/she always playing with Deformer deck and won a lot of duel in Gunslinger Event.

Third and Fourth Video is similar to Second Video.

Last Video is a Collection of Deformer deck gameplay + a lot of OTK.

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