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Illusions Worm OTK From Youtube

July 7, 2010


OTK Deck using Summoner of Illusions with Worm Barses to special summon High LV Fusion monster to OTK opponent.

It’s a same concept with FTK Deck Destruction and Metamorpot Worm Barses Deck but it’s not Deck Destruction deck It using Metamorpot to get a require cards to OTK opponent.

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Metamorpot Worm Barses Deck From Nico Video

July 6, 2010


A Deck Destruction OTK using Metamorph Pot (Morphing Jar) and a lot of cards to flip it face-down and face-up multiple times to destroy opponent deck.

Worm Barses can be use as a substitute of Book of Sun (Book of Taiyou).

A Same Concept with FTK Deck Destruction but different Play Style and using New Cards.

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Fast Deck Destruction

March 10, 2010


A Deck Destruction Deck from YO3 It’s a same style like usual with a new card Book of Eclipse that can speed up this deck a little.

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Summon Limit OTK

December 26, 2009


Various Deck using Summon Limit (All-Out Attacks) to OTK Opponent.

1st Video Using Summon Limit to destroy opponent deck using it with Needle Worm/Devil’s Scout (Hiro’s Shadow Scout), Chaos Pot (Morphing Jar 2) and Desert Sunlight.

Video 2-3 and 5 OTK by using it with Ojama Trio and force Ojama Token to Attack High Defense Monsters.

4th Video using Dark Familiar (Spear Cretin) with Priestess Ohm and Summon Limit to create a loop.

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Angel VS Deck Destruction From Nico Video

December 22, 2009


An Angel deck VS Deck Destruction deck in 125% speed. Deck Destruction deck an usual combo Morphing Jar + Needle Worm and some flip+faceup cards (Book of Moon, Book of Taiyou, Dark-Piercing Light).

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FTK Deck Destruction

September 26, 2009


First Turn Kill Deck Destruction Deck using Metamor Pot (Morphing Jar) with change control cards and use a cards that can flip it face-up and face-down multiple times to destroy opponent deck.

This Style was played in YOC Winter 2008 Preliminary Round by zutuu (Fourth Video is FTK).

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Necroface Style

July 6, 2009


Various Gameplay Videos using Necroface.

1st Video using it for deck destruction.

2nd Video using it for Deck Destruction and OTK with Return From Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion.

3rd Video is Dino Infinity Deck using Necroface for Power Up Dino Infinity.

Video 4-8 Using Necroface to Destroy Opponent Deck, Increase Gren Maju Da Eiza ATK and using it with D.D. Dynamite to inflict a lot of damage to opponent.

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