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Demonic Roaring God (Fabled) Style

November 10, 2010

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Demonic Roaring God (Fabled) Deck gameplay include OTK Combo with Ancient Holy Wyvern (Ancient Sacred Wyvern).

Fabled Style 4 and 5 using Legion (Fabled Ragin) to draw cards for an advantage.

Fabled Style 4 Video have a lot of Duellogs of this deck gameplay from Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship.

Fabled Style 6 Also have New Fabled Deck base on Duel Terminal 7 Booster Pack.

7th Video (Fabled Shooting Star) is Fabled Deck base on Starstrike Blast Booster Pack.

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Synchro Dark World From Youtube

September 18, 2010

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Dark World Synchro deck using Fiend Roar Deity Raven (Fabled Raven) to special summon Dark World Monster and for synchro summon.

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The Law of Diamond From Zoome

July 5, 2010


A Deck that using Diamond Guy (Diamond Dude) effect to activate The Law of Normal while having Dark World Monsters in your hand to special summon All of them.

A Same concept with Kuriboh+Multiply+The Law of The Normal but different play style, More of this style watch it on The Law of The Normal OTK.

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Light and Dark Style

March 2, 2010


These Style is a Mixing of Ligh Lord Deck with Dark Dragon Deck that use a lot of draw engine to sent a lot of monsters to the graveyard and special summon Dark Creator/Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon/Phantom of Chaos and use it effect to special summon High LV Monsters.

Second Part of 2nd Video is Cyberdark OTK using Magical Merchant to sent a lot of monster cards to the graveyard (a lot of monsters that was sent to the graveyard have effect that working in the graveyard) and use Cyberdark Impack to Special Summon Cyberdark Dragon and equip it with Rainbow Dark Dragon.

Third and Fouth Video is Lightlord with Dark World cards using Beckoning Light to discard Dark World Monsters to activate it’s effect+to get a Light monsters back from the graveyard (Third Videos First Part is Lightlord Exodia).

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YO2 Duel Memories From Nico Video

February 24, 2010


It’s a Duel Log from Different Play Style – First Part is Arcana Force EX The Light/Dark Ruler deck, Second Part is Dark World Deck with Forced Requisition, Third Part is Ritual deck using Reshef, Last Part is Black Magician Deck.

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Book of Dark World From Nico Video

September 4, 2009


A Loop Combo Using Book of Dark World (Dark World Grimoire) with Card of Safe Return to Special Summon a lot of High LV Monsters.

First Video is Dark World Grimoire Loop with Arcana Force XXI – The World. You need to have more than 6 cards in hand + Dark World Grimoire + Card of Safe Return on the field. You also need luck too if you don’t have monster in hand + you toss a coin and got Tails everytime you are finish.

Second Video is a same style but using reckless greed, Cyber Vary and crystal seer to have more than 7 cards in hand, Fourth Video using Ojamagic to have more than 7 cards in hand.

Fifth Video use it without Card of Safe Return but use it with Rescue Cat to Special Summon The Wicked Worm Beast and use it’s effect (Return to hand at end phase) with Book of Dark World and Forced Requisition to discard all of opponent cards in hand.

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Dark Valley From Nico Video

June 10, 2009


Dark Valley is a deck that using Gravekeeper’s with Dark World Monster Cards, Using a combo of Necrovalley+Royal Tribute to discard all monsters cards in hand for both player but Dark World Monster can special summon to the field with it’s own effect.

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