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Dragoon D-End OTK From Nico Video

January 31, 2010


Dragoon D-End OTK is Chain Material OTK deck using Chain Material and Fusion Gate to Special Summon E-Hero Elixirer (E-Hero Electrum). Special Summon 2 of them then Special Summon E-Hero The Earth (E-Hero Terra Firma) use it effect tribute E-Hero Elixirer to Power Up E-Hero The Earth. After That change control of E-Hero The Earth to opponent and Special Summon Dragoon D-End use it effect to Destroy E-Hero The Earth on opponent side of the field and to inflict damagae equal to Attack of it.

Third and Fourth Video use Chain Material + Fusion Gate to special summon a lot of High Level Fusion Monster and special summon E-Hero Elixirer (E-Hero Electrum) to bring back all of remove from play monster and use Catapult Turtle to inflict a lot of damage to opponent.

Last Video is not OTK deck It’s Dragoon D-End Deck.

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Dogma Blade Style From Nico Video

September 30, 2009


It’s hard to explain this type of deck but If you are learning OCG Meta I think you already know what it is For Shorts It’s Magical Explosion FTK Type.

It’s a deck that draw a lot of cards and special summon D-Hero Dogma. It’s not that hard to summon D-Hero Dogma because this deck will recycle Dimension Fusion and use it more than 1 times.

Dogma Blade always finish a game on Your opponent turn because D-Hero Dogma will halve your opponent LP during your opponent Stand By Phase as for a finish game It’s always use some cards that can inflict damage to opponent like Magical Explosion.

Dogma Blade can do First Turn Kill.

1st Video is Dogma Blade Style finish Game with DNA Transplant+Spiritual Fire Art Kurenai.

2-4 Video Finishing with Magical Explosion.

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