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Light and Dark Style

March 2, 2010


These Style is a Mixing of Ligh Lord Deck with Dark Dragon Deck that use a lot of draw engine to sent a lot of monsters to the graveyard and special summon Dark Creator/Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon/Phantom of Chaos and use it effect to special summon High LV Monsters.

Second Part of 2nd Video is Cyberdark OTK using Magical Merchant to sent a lot of monster cards to the graveyard (a lot of monsters that was sent to the graveyard have effect that working in the graveyard) and use Cyberdark Impack to Special Summon Cyberdark Dragon and equip it with Rainbow Dark Dragon.

Third and Fouth Video is Lightlord with Dark World cards using Beckoning Light to discard Dark World Monsters to activate it’s effect+to get a Light monsters back from the graveyard (Third Videos First Part is Lightlord Exodia).

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Cyberdark Style From Nico Video

October 17, 2009


Cyberdark Deck using Cyberdark monsters to equip dragon type monsters from the graveyard to power-up it’s attack power.

1st Video is Cyberdark Deck that using Cyberdark Impact! to Special Summon Cyberdark Dragon and Equip it with Rainbow Dragon.

2nd and 3rd Video is Cyberdark VS Dragon Deck (2nd Video is in Anniversary Trial 50 Event).

4th Video is Cyberdark Virus VS Gladiator Beast.

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