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Power Bond OTK From Nico Video

March 20, 2009


A Power Bond OTK Gameplay – First and Second Video is Cyber End Dragon OTK using Marauding Captain with Proto Cyber Dragon and Inferno Reckless Summon to Special Summon 3 Proto Cyber Dragon and fuse it with Power Bond then Limiter Removal.

Third Video is Ancient Gear Deck using Power Bond to fuse 3 Ancient Gear together to special summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, He also use Des Wombat to cancel Power Bond damage.

Fouth Video is a fusion of Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem with Limiter Removal to OTK Opponent.

Fifth Video is Cyber Dragon OTK deck using Cyber Dragon Zwei to fuse with Power Bond and Special Summon Cyber Twin/End Dragon to OTK opponent.

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