Synchro Dark World From Youtube

Dark World Synchro deck using Fiend Roar Deity Raven (Fabled Raven) to special summon Dark World Monster and for synchro summon.

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Once per turn, you can discard any number of cards from your hand and increase the Level of this card by the number of discarded cards, until the End Phase. This card also gains ATK equal to the number of discarded cards x 400, until the End Phase.

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One Response to “Synchro Dark World From Youtube”

  1. KleinOfReading Says:

    This as slick as a greased pig on rocketskates.

    If you can post a decklist, I would be the downright happiest guy around m8 🙂

    I’ll be checking back, even though it’s an old thread. Cheers dude, keep up th awesome work with the blog.


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