Site Update

Add 1 New Video to Ritua (Gishki) Style.

Add 1 New Video (Infernity Style 3) to Infernity Style and Reloader Permission.

Add 1 New Video to Miracle of Rainbow Neos and Air Neos OTK.

Add 1 New Video to Air Neos OTK.

Add 1 New Video to Fortune Lady Style.

I always put video from a same deck style into 1 post you may not see a new ones for a long time If there is no good video and I love original name (Japanese Name) of the cards more than english name.


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13 Responses to “Site Update”

  1. carlos Says:

    Can u post up the deck lists of the fortune lady decks plz.


  2. Joyce Says:

    How do people duel online?


  3. PeterParker Says:

    Hey spiritofsword, i know this is not supposed to belong here but i’m not sure where are the other places i can post this that would catch ur attention .

    I read all of ur posts on, u said u bought 15 booster passes from Amiami, and Otacute, and with best price possible ,but that was a very very long time ago i guess cuz i just visited these 2 sites, they all sold out or out of stock.

    You must have enough BP now cuz u have bought pretty much of them, but if u got to buy BP again, where r u gonna buy dude?

    If i can’t figure out how to buy BP using paypal (maybe it’s complicated n i may lose money for some stupid mistake) then will u do me a favor n buy it for me n then i will pay u back, does that bother u?


    • Spirit of Sword Says:

      Now Boosterpass are Sold Out Worldwide I buy SMS Boosterpass From I can’t buy The Cheapest one from Otacute/Amiami because It’s Out of Stock/Sold Out.

      Buying From Paypal isn’t hard You need to learn it because It’s major Payment for Online World. If you don’t have Credit Card you can get Virtual Credit Card/Online Shopping Card from Your Bank Account (Ask Your Bank for Online Service) and use it to Open Paypal Account for buying BP Code.


  4. Chris Says:

    You can also purchase BP and other items for the Yu-Gi-Oh Online game from this site –


  5. zicktsoenamy Says:

    hey swords i have a few deck profiles to put on ur site but i cant log in anymore on ur site…


  6. ForcyOh Says:

    Hi, I am the administrator of the site : Yu-Gi-Oh! online Cards Database (, in-game i’m knowed as ForcyOh or Winterblood.

    I am writing because we have just renewed our website , that has became more bigger and with many new functions, i was thinking, if I could ask for an Exchange of links!

    Just to inform , even if our site is an Italian Domain, our website is also in English version and no registration is request, it has a powerful search engine that makes it unique and complete, It’s one of the top YOL database present in the web

    We also have a unique function ,at the bottom of every card we added a button “embed” that will generate in automatic a code html of that card, So users could use , if you want ,that code on your site , forum or blog and show everything about that card

    In case you are interested to pubblicate our web site (calling it “Yu-Gi-Oh! Online – Cards Database” and url of link ) we will do the same , obviously,pubblicating it on our site !

    Thankyou for your interest, Hoping to recieve an answer

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Database STAFF


  7. abercrombie milano Says:

    Per sapere esattamente su questo argomento buono, si acquista in anticipo saggio scritto o scrittura personalizzata al servizio saggistica. I numeri dei servizi di scrittura offrono la saggistica su questo argomento buono.


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