Pikeru OTK From Nico Video

It’s not a fancy OTK style. Using Inferno Reckless Summon with White Magician Pikeru and a lot of power up cards to OTK opponent.

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2235350

During your Standby Phase, increase your Life Points by 400 points for each monster on your side of the field.

During your Standby Phase, inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each monster they control.

You can only activate this card when 1 monster with an ATK of 1500 points or less is Special Summoned to your side of the field while there is a face-up monster on your opponent’s side of the field. Special Summon all cards with the same name as the Summoned monster from your hand, Deck, and Graveyard in face-up Attack Position. Your opponent selects 1 monster on their side of the field and Special Summons all cards with that same name from their hand, Deck, and Graveyard.

Increase the ATK and DEF of the equipped monster by 800 points for each face-up monster you control.

You can only equip this card to “White Magician Pikeru” or “Ebon Magician Curran”. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 800 points. During a turn that the equipped monster destroyed a Level 5 or higher monster as a result of battle, by Tributing the equipped monster and this card, Special Summon from your hand or Deck: 1 “Princess Pikeru” if you Tributed “White Magician Pikeru”, or 1 “Princess Curran” if you Tributed “Ebon Magician Curran”.


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