Perfect Declarer Style

Perfect Declarer (Herald of Perfection) Deck  gameplay. A High Level Ritual Angel deck using  Perfect Declarer to negate an activation of Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster’s effect.

It use Advanced Ritual Art to sent a lot of normal monsters to the graveyard and bring it back to the hand with Dark Factory of Mass Production/Salvage for and activation of Perfect Declarer effect.

It can Power Up with Ritual Weapon to make it harder to beat and it can be use as a Stall deck  and using Wave Motion Cannon, Final Countdown, Destiny Board to win a duel.

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This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, “Dawn of the Herald”. When your opponent activates a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster’s effect, you can send 1 Fairy-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the activation and destroy that card.

If you have exactly 4 Fairy-Type monsters in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When you do, add 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard to your hand. Neither player can Special Summon monsters. If this face-up card would be sent from the field to the Graveyard, it returns to the top of the owner’s Deck, instead.

Add to your hand 1 Level 7 or lower Ritual Monster Card from your Deck. Then you can add to your hand 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Graveyard.

Select 1 Ritual Monster in your hand. Send Normal Monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard whose total Levels are equal to that Ritual Monster’s. Ritual Summon a card with the name of the selected Ritual Monster from your hand.

Select 2 Normal Monsters from your Graveyard and add them to your hand.

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