Ouija Board and Benkei From Nico Video

1.52 Minute is Destiny Board (Ouija Board) Deck later is Benkei Deck, This is For Someone who want to see Destiny Board Effect from this game If you watch it on Youtube you will see only the picture but no sound.

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1460084

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1532763

Source : http://zoome.jp/cutychammy/diary/18

Destiny Board

At the end of each of your opponent’s turns, place 1 “Spirit Message” card from your hand or your Deck face-up on the field. If it is from your Deck, then shuffle your Deck. When “Spirit Message” cards “I”, “N”, “A”, and “L” are all on your side of the field in their proper order, you are declared the winner. If any of your “Spirit Message” cards or “Destiny Board” are removed from the field, all your “Spirit Message” cards and “Destiny Board” on the field are sent to your Graveyard immediately.

Mataza The Zapper

This monster can attack twice during the same Battle Phase. Control of this card cannot switch.

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