Necromancer OTK From Nico Video

Chaos Necromancer OTK using Monster Gate or Reasoning while you have Chaos Necromancer in your hand. Since all of his deck are full of monsters that can’t be special summon. A lot of monster will be sent to the greaveyard to opwer up Chaos Necromancer.

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The ATK of this card becomes the number of Monster Cards in your Graveyard x 300 points.

Your opponent declares a monster Level. Then pick up cards from the top of your Deck until a monster that can be Normal Summoned is picked up. If that monster is the same Level as the one declared by your opponent, send all picked up cards to the Graveyard. If not, Special Summon the picked up monster and send the remaining cards to the Graveyard.

Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field. Pick up cards from your Deck until you pick up a monster that can be Normal Summoned, and Special Summon it. Send any other cards picked up to the Graveyard.

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