Havoc Ohm From Zoome

This video using Heart of The Underdog to draw a lot of cards sent a lot of them to the graveyard to activate Cry Havoc! and use it to special summon a lot of monsters in hand then use Priestess of Ohm effect to decrease opponent LP.

Source : http://zoome.jp/cutychammy/diary/34

You can Tribute 1 face-up DARK monster you control to inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

During your Draw Phase, if the card you draw is a Normal Monster Card, you can draw 1 more card by showing the card to your opponent.

Pay 800 Life Points. Pick up 4 cards from the top of your Deck and Special Summon to your side of the field all Level 3 or lower Normal Monsters among the picked-up cards. Return all the other picked-up cards to your Deck and the Deck is then shuffled.

You can remove from play 1 monster from your Graveyard to Normal Summon or Set 1 Normal Monster from your hand. You can only activate this effect during your Main Phase.

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