Gilfer Demon OTK From Nico Video

An OTK Deck using Fire Princess, Gearfreed and Morale Boost by sending Gilfer Demon (Archfiend of Gilfer in English) to the graveyard while you have 3 cards above face-up on the field.

Gilfer Demon effect will activate itself use it to equip Gearfreed The Iron Knight. You will get 1,000 LP from Morale Boost and at the same time Fire Princess will inflict damage to opponent and Gearfreed effect will destroy any cards equip to him, Gilfer Demon will sent to the graveyard again and activate it’s effect. Repeat it until opponent run out of LP it’s a loop.

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When this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can activate its effect. You can then equip it to a monster on the field, and this card will be treated as an Equip Spell Card that decreases the ATK of the equipped monster by 500 points.

When an Equip Card is equipped to this card, destroy the Equip Card.

Each time you gain Life Points, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

Each time a player equips an Equip Spell Card, increase the Life Points of the controller of that Equip Spell Card by 1000 points. Each time an Equip Spell Card is removed from the field, the controller of that Equip Spell Card takes 1000 points of damage.

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