Fallen Angel (Darklord) Style

This is Twilight (Light and Dark) Fallen Angel (Darklord) and Fallen Angel Athena Deck Gameplay + OTK.

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Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qKjZ0nsYYQ

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned, by having 5 or more DARK monsters in your Graveyard while you control no monsters. Once per turn, you can remove from play 1 DARK monster in your Graveyard to Special Summon 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard.

When this card is Special Summoned from your Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard, except “Darklord Superbia”.

If there are 4 or more DARK monsters with different names in your Graveyard, you can Tribute Summon this monster by Tributing 1 DARK monster. You can send 1 DARK monster from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy all monsters your opponent controls. If you activate this effect, destroy this card during the End Phase of this turn.

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck or Graveyard. Once per turn, you can send 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. When this card you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 “Asmo Token” (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 5/ATK 1800/DEF 1300) and 1 “Deus Token” (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 1200). An “Asmo Token” cannot be destroyed by card effects. A “Deus Token” cannot be destroyed by battle.

Each time a Fairy-Type monster(s) is Summoned, inflict 600 damage to your opponent. Once per turn, you can send 1 face-up Fairy-Type monster you control, except “Athena”, to the Graveyard to select 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard, except “Athena”, and Special Summon it.

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8 Responses to “Fallen Angel (Darklord) Style”

  1. Rayman4840 Says:

    What is the deck list like?


  2. Chrisxepher Says:

    Must… Have… Awesome, Deck… List!!! Please and Thank You.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whats the deck recipe???


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm this suks if you dnt post deck recipes….y else would we come to this website?!?!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Soundtracks, please!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    your fans want a deck list please give it to us we dont care whats banned in it we will find a way to make it work so PLEASE MAKE A DECK LIST FOR US ALL!!!!!!!!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    go to this site for the recipe it is near the bottom http://myygoonline.blogspot.com/2011_12_01_archive.html


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