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Arcana Force EX – Light and Dark Ruler

April 14, 2010

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Videos showing How to special summon Arcana Force EX – Light/Dark Ruler faster by using Irekaeru (substitoad) with Kinka-Byo to easily having 3 Monsters on the field for special summon Arcana Force EX – Light/Dark Ruler.

This Style is Stronger when using it with Frog Deck (Last 2 Videos).

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Judai’s Style From Nico Video

March 6, 2010


A Collection of gameplay using Judai’s Deck, First and Second Video is Graduation Duel Judai’s Deck VS Yugi’s Deck. Third Video is Judai’s Deck VS Baboon Emperor.

Fifth Video is Evil Hero Deck VS Yusei.

6th and 7th Video is Contract Yugo (Contract Fusion) Neo-Spacian deck gameplay using E-Hero Prisma/E-Hero Neos with Neo-Spacians to special summon E-Hero Neos Fusion Monsters. 7th Video is Double Speed Version of 6th Video+Custom BGM.

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Tethys Exodia Style

March 4, 2010


A Fast Exodia Deck using Tethys effect with a lot of draw cards to get exodia parts. It can do First Turn Kill If you can draw Tethys and Valhalla + some draw cards.

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Light and Dark Style

March 2, 2010


These Style is a Mixing of Ligh Lord Deck with Dark Dragon Deck that use a lot of draw engine to sent a lot of monsters to the graveyard and special summon Dark Creator/Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon/Phantom of Chaos and use it effect to special summon High LV Monsters.

Second Part of 2nd Video is Cyberdark OTK using Magical Merchant to sent a lot of monster cards to the graveyard (a lot of monsters that was sent to the graveyard have effect that working in the graveyard) and use Cyberdark Impack to Special Summon Cyberdark Dragon and equip it with Rainbow Dark Dragon.

Third and Fouth Video is Lightlord with Dark World cards using Beckoning Light to discard Dark World Monsters to activate it’s effect+to get a Light monsters back from the graveyard (Third Videos First Part is Lightlord Exodia).

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Angel OTK From Nico Video

February 28, 2010


It’s not Athena OTK I can’t find Athena OTK in Yu-Gi-OH Online because Athena Set is GS and Duelpass Campaign Cards only a few who have it.

This Video OTK using Koitsu with Inferno Reckless Summon and equip to Aitsu.

Second Videos using Celestial Transformation with Honest and Inferno Reckless Summon to get 3 Honest on the field and use it’s effect when battle.

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Always My Turn From Nico Video

February 26, 2010


It’s a Loop using Arcana Force XXI – The World effect to skip opponent turn. You also need a luck in coin toss too.

First Video use The World with Bazoo and D.D. Scout Plant to skip opponent turn.

Second Video is First Turn Kill using Valhalla to Special Summon The World and using Venus to special summon Holy Shine Ball to skip opponent turn.

Third and Fouth Video using Sacrifice Lotus with The World to skip opponent turn and also use Reversal of Fate/Light Barrier to change a result of coin toss.

Fifth Video using a Loop From Book of Dark World (Dark World Grimoire) to Special Summon Monster at the end phase and send them to the graveyard to skip opponent turn.

Sixth Video is First Turn Kill World Lotus using Arcana Force XXI – The World with Sacrifice Lotus to skip opponent turn.

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YO2 Duel Memories From Nico Video

February 24, 2010


It’s a Duel Log from Different Play Style – First Part is Arcana Force EX The Light/Dark Ruler deck, Second Part is Dark World Deck with Forced Requisition, Third Part is Ritual deck using Reshef, Last Part is Black Magician Deck.

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