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YO2 Duel BGM

July 26, 2010


This is Yu-Gi-OH Online 2 Duel Evolution Soundtrack/BGM, You can listen to the music here.

Second Video is Field Spell BGM in Yu-Gi-OH Online 2 Duel Evolution, We have a different BGM for each field spell card in YO2 but none in YO3.

Third Video is Skyscraper BGM from YO2.

I’ve found more of this but forget where it’s from I will update it when I find them.

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Starterpass Package From Youtube

March 12, 2010


This Video will show you an entire Package of Starteroass. Starterpass is only available at Japan Only.

If you need it you need to buy it from Ebay or Third Party Site and now it’s discontinued.

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Yu-Gi-OH Online 3 Duel Accelerator Beta Test

January 11, 2010


Videos Here will show you Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 Duel Accelerator Beta Test Environment.

If you play Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 When it’s official release and want to know how it’s look likes in Beta Test, This Vedeos is for you.

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YO2 Environment From Nico Video

December 20, 2009


Because Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3 Duel Accelerator will replace Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2 Duel Evolution soon New Player may not know How Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2 look likes.

Videos here will show you various part of the game, When you walk around, Duel NPC, Openning Booster Pack From Card Shop etc…

Video 1 Showing Deck Construction Screen, Walking in Duel Academy Lobby, Duel Judai NPC and Openning Booster Pack after Duel End.

Video 2 Showing Deck Construction Screen, Walking in Domino City Lobby, Duel Yugi NPC and Openning Booster Pack after Duel End.

Video 3 is Openning Booster Pack at Kame’s Game Shop using Mileage Points

Video 4 is Openning Booster Pack At Card Shop at Duel Academy by using Mileage Points.

Video 5 is Yu-Gi-OH Online Championship Declare Winners.

Video 6 is a Comparison of YO2 and YO3 from God Cards animation Effect, Title Screen, Cards Image, Fusion Animation Effect and Synchro Summon Animation Effect.

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How To Capture and Upload Video From Nico Video

October 29, 2009


This is a Tutorial Video of How to Capture Gameplay Video.

First Video using Camtasia Studio to capture Yu-Gi-Oh Online Gameplay.

Second Video using DXtory to capture Gameplay Video.

I Prefer using Frap to capture Gameplay Video because It have a Best Quality same as DXtory (Better than Camtasia Studio).

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YO2 Academy Avatar Item From Nico Video

September 10, 2009


This Video will show you some of avatar items in Yu-Gi-OH Online 2 from Duel Academy Lobby in Customize Avatar Menu (on Duel Disk Icon).

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YO1 Duel BGM From Nico Video

June 26, 2009


This is Yu-Gi-Oh Online 1 Background Music (BGM) or Original Soundtrack. If you miss it you can listen it here.

You can see some of Yu-Gi-OH Online 1 Screenshots here.

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