Welcome to My Site! This is Yu-Gi-Oh Online Video Site focusing on Yu-Gi-Oh Online Gameplay and Combo. I collect Yu-Gi-Oh Online Videos from All Around The World here, You can watch it on this site or from original source.

All Credit goes to Creator or Uploader of the files.

If you don’t know Where to start you can see Site Map or Tag Page to find a post you want or search for it.

Let’s talk a little bit about the tag now.

OTK = One Turn Kill

FTK = First Turn Kill

A Different between Exodia and Turbo Exodia Tag is How Fast it can get Exodia Parts, Turbo Exodia is a tag for Gameplay/Videos that can get Exodia Parts in a few turn. It can be a loop, OTK or FTK.


YO1 = Yu-Gi-Oh Online 1 Gameplay

YO2 = Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2 Duel Evolution Gameplay

YO3 = Current Version of Yu-Gi-OH Online Duel Accelerator.

YOC = Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship Gameplay and You can see a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh Online Metagame here but it doesn’t mean All of Yu-Gi-OH Online Metagame is in YOC Category.

In Yu-Gi-Oh Online World 1 Year have 3 Season (Spring, Summer and Winter) and There is A Championship in each season.

Other Videos is something related to Yu-Gi-OH Online but may not fit in normal category.

80%+ of Videos here is from Nicovideo, It’s largest Online Video Site in Japan but If you want to watch it you need to Login with User ID.

You can see how to register User Account here.

Let’s Talk about Yu-Gi-OH Online Metagame now. As you can see on YOC Category.

The Most Popular Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh Online is Gladiator Beast, Second one is Lightlord (Lightsworn). Third is Emperor (Apprentice Emperor is The Most Popular in Emperor Style).

Note : This is only for Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2 Duel Evolution Metagame and Before Booster Pack 48 (Light of Destruction) release Six Samurai is very popular.

There are a lot of style you may not see it in Real Life because A Lot of Event in Yu-Gi-Oh Online using Single Duel Format (You can’t counter it).

This is Why OTK and Some Deck is popular in Yu-Gi-OH Online (Demise OTK, Benkei OTK, Clocktower Countdown, Reversal Quiz, Dark Dragon Style, Phantom Undead, Suicide Deck etc…)

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