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Sacrifice Shimurugu From Zoome

November 30, 2009


A Ritual Deck using Sacrifice (Relinquished) with Dark Shimurugu (Dark Simorgh).

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GS Winning Streak Style

November 28, 2009


It’s a Gameplay of Gunslinger Winning Streak From 1-7 wins (Gunslinger is a winning streak events every 5-7 winning streak you will get event cards in this game). You can see Yu-Gi-Oh Online Metagame in this video.

1st Video GS 1-3 Winning Streak, 2nd Video GS 4-7 Winning Streak, 3rd video is GS 1-7 Winning Streak, Video 4-7 is GS 1-7 winning Streak using Cold Wave Light Lord + Gladiator Beast Deck.

Video 8-9 is 60 cards Lightlord Angel deck playing in Gunslinger Event and got a lot of Winning Streak.

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Skill Drain Style

November 26, 2009


Various Deck using Skill Drain but The Most Popular Skill Drain Style in Yu-Gi-OH Online is Skill Hero Beat using E-Hero with Honest and Skill Drain. You can find a lot of this style on YOC.

1st Video is Prisma Skill Drain using Prisma to sent Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard and use Birthright to revive it for attack.

2nd Video is Skill Drain Deck using Barbaros and High LV Monsters with Berserk Dragon, 3rd Video is Barbaros UR Deck.

Video 4-9 is Skill Hero Beat You can found more at YOC Category.

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Warrior Beat From Zoome

November 24, 2009


An Immortal Warrior Beatdown deck but using High Defense Monster Warrior cards such as Big Shield Gardna, D-Hero Defender with cards that can switch ATK and DF, Also using a change control cards with Sasuke Samurai 3 to draw a lot of cards.

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Skull Lair From Nico Video

November 22, 2009


It’s Dark Deck using Skull Lair with D.D. Scout Plane and Doomsday Horror. This is really good video we all know how it’s work but watch it a duel in this video is really good.

Second Video is Dinosaur’s Deck using Skull Lair to increast Dino Infinity Attack.

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YOC Winter 2009 Final DoubleCast VS crazypikachu

November 21, 2009


Yu-Gi-OH Online Championship Winter 2009 Final Round – DoubleCast VS crazypikachu.

This is The Last Yu-Gi-Oh Online Championship from Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2 Duel Evolution.

Next Championship will be the First Championship from Yu-Gi-OH Online 3 Duel Accelerator.

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Neo-Spacian Style From Nico Video

November 20, 2009


A Collection of Neo-Spacian Gameplay. Video 1-5 is Contract Yugo Style, Video 6 is Neo-Spacian Beat VS Gladiator Beast using Neo-Spacian Tinkle Moss.

First Video using Hero Mask with Naga (Serpentine Princess) and use it for Contract Yugo to special summon another Neo-Spacian monsters for Another Contract Yugo.

Second and Third Video using Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss to draw a lot of cards for Contract Fusion.

Fourth Video is Neo Spacian VS Emperor.

7th and 8th Videos are Contract Yugo (Contract Fusion) Neo-Spacian deck gameplay using E-Hero Prisma/E-Hero Neos with Neo-Spacians to special summon E-Hero Neos Fusion Monsters. 8th Video is Double Speed Version of 7th Video+Custom BGM.

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